Auto Reverse


Like many others seem to be i am pretty new to DCC, having been in G scale for many years and then inactive for a number of years. I think i have read the answer to my question several times. Unfortunately, i keep confusing myself and coming up with different answers. I have posted a picture of a portion of the layout (auto reverse or pass through). My question is does this scenario constitute a reverse loop. I could not understand how it could but then read (very possibly i misunderstood) that this is a reverse loop. i then decided to just accept this at face value and proceed. However, the more i thought about it the more confused i became. I used the simple test i read somewhere about following the track to determine if the rails every changed polarity and they do not. I also saw that this may be a crossing and not a cross-over which may have caused my initial confusion. If there is any value in it i laid pieces of wire, for purposes of the picture, along the track to show how i plan to wire the mainlines, and really all the way through the loop. I am ready to start wiring, after purchasing PSX devices. The loop end, there is also a slightly larger one at the other end of the layout, will be its own power district but at this point i am very unclear on the need for a PSX-AR vs. an additional PSX1.

Thanks for any help you can provide

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