Re: Auto Reverse Segments in DCC


The problem with lighted cars (and locomotives) is the duration of the short between the 2 sections (the reversing section and either the section you are leaving or entering).  With just metal wheels the duration is very short, just the time the wheel bridges the gap, and the chance that both gaps are shorted simultaneously is very low.  But with lighted cars or locos, the front and rear trucks are connected so the short duration is the time while lead truck is one section and the rear truck is in the other section, is much longer. So the probability of having the gaps on both the entrance and exit of the section shorted simultaneously is much, much longer and the chance of a problem becomes almost a certainty.
I have been working on a museum layout converting it to DCC and I've seen this happen.  One of guys running a long passenger train tried to run thru the reversing section and ended up crashing the whole layout as the reversers couldn't handle it and the command station started shutting down and then restart, and then shutdown and restart, etc. until we turned everything off and cleared the train.
Good Luck, John Moonan

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