Re: Auto Reverse Segments in DCC


Thanks Wouter.  That’s what I feared. 
My original question, to which you posted a most helpful response (and on which your 99% assessment likely was predicated), assumed no lights in trailing cars.  

Your definitive response to the change in assumptions is most helpful in my track planning.  I’ll follow the standard practice of making the AR segment longer than longest (lighted) passenger train. 

Bill D
N&W Steam Only

On Nov 6, 2021, at 9:08 PM, whmvd <vandoornw@...> wrote:

It matters very much. Fatally, for too long trains. Nobody would feed the interior lights off just one axle, and as soon as you have more than one the die is cast.


On Sat, 6 Nov 2021, 19:17 D B, <1932mgj2@...> wrote:
Thanks John. 
I do understand and agree with your explanation.  Sounds like that is the basis for Wouter’s "99% of the time" assessment. 
Query, in your view (and for purposes of Wouter’s 99% assessment), does it matter whether the cars (passenger) are lit?
Bill D
N&W Steam Only

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