Re: Auto Reverse Segments in DCC


In regards to your question #1.  You need to understand how a reversing section works.  When a car with metal wheels crosses the gap at the beginning of the reversing section, the metal wheels cause a momentary short across the gap which the AR senses and flips polarity to correct.  The train then progresses thru the reversing section with no further shorts until the lead car or engine's metal wheels cross the exit gap.  Then there is a momentary short across the gap which the AR senses and flips polarity to correct just like when the train was entering the reversing section.  Now if the entire train is in the reversing section everything it great.  However, if the train is longer then the reversing section, then as a car towards the rear of the train enters the reversing section, there is a short again and the reversing section flips.  Then a car leaving the section crosses the gap, another flip gets triggered and the reversing section keeps flipping back and forth as cars enter or leave the section.  Not a problem unless both entrance and exit gaps get shorted at the same time, then you have a problem.  If it is only cars crossing both gaps this it not likely unless the distance between the exit and entrance gaps is an exact multiple of the car length.  However, if a loco is crossing one of the gaps, it shorts the gap the entire time it is entering or leaving (front and rear trucks are connected) and then you have a problem if a car is entering the section at that time.  If the cars have plastic wheels then this is not an issue.
Good Luck, John Moonan

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