Re: Auto reverse area “dead”

Charles Cauble

This morning I went through all the steps verifying that the psx-ar is still working correctly. Then I rewired the frog on the left of the peninsula because I didn’t see it blink on the juicer.  It does blink when the loco tries to do the turn out but then the loco stalls and shorts off the power block.  The loco makes it through both peninsula turnouts if they’re left straight but stalls on the left when doing a turnout. The right one works. I also noticed that the psx-ar doesn’t blink when first turned on and does the slow blink once the loco enters the isolated section but it continues to blink from then on whether you go in or out of the isolated section. I assume that since I proved the chip the current at this stage of my layout does not need reversing again. I’m trying to layout and drop track temporarily to see if my lack of completion on other sections is not reversing on the conflict at the left switch. 

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