Re: Auto reverse area “dead”



You cannot do a reversing section with only one rail isolated.  You MUST isolate both rails at all entry/exit points of the portion to be auto-reversed.  If you've done that, and I misunderstand your report below, I apologize, but dual isolation is an absolute.

Have you done the PSX-AR test, as asked yesterday?

On 2021-10-12 7:41, Charles Cauble wrote:
I have the ar #2 section working now from the curve down through the straight side of the turnout on around the outside edge of the peninsula and up through the other switch.  The inner loop in the peninsula stalls right at the switch as it comes back into the outer loop on that same switch. If I use a metal joiner on the outside leg it shorts that block because the polarities collide but if I use a plastic joiner the engine stalls. I have a frog juicer on the switch so I don’t think it’s the frog but what’s going to switch polarities as it comes back into the turnout?

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