Re: Auto reverse area “dead”



Both rails need to be isolated at both ends, so that starting from the switch into the loop you see:
- track leading off it, left AND right isolated
- continuous track until, before getting to the switch again, you reach\
- another point where both rails are isolated, and only then do you reach
- the switch again, at its other leg.
What you have is, however you configured it (and I don't know) not correctly isolated with regard to the tgrack, or not correctly wired as far as the AR unit is concerned. The track bus goes into the AR unit (polarity does not matter), its outputs (and NOTHING else) go to the left and right doubly-isolated rail between the two legs of the switch (again, polarity does not matter). Then the AR will correct when a train crosses either one of the divides. If a train is too long and crosses both divides, you have a short again. Same thing if you have two different trains crossing the two different divides at the same time. That's just the way it is. Careful positioning of the isolation is needed so you get maximum ease of use out of the final situation.


On Tue, 12 Oct 2021 at 12:41, Charles Cauble <drbeetlebaum@...> wrote:
I have the ar #2 section working now from the curve down through the straight side of the turnout on around the outside edge of the peninsula and up through the other switch.  The inner loop in the peninsula stalls right at the switch as it comes back into the outer loop on that same switch. If I use a metal joiner on the outside leg it shorts that block because the polarities collide but if I use a plastic joiner the engine stalls. I have a frog juicer on the switch so I don’t think it’s the frog but what’s going to switch polarities as it comes back into the turnout?

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