Re: Block detection, Frog juicers and Circuit Breakers.

Perry A Pollino

If i am understanding what you wrote I should be OK. 
Currently my PSX and AR Boards are daisy chained directly from my Command station al all centrally located. From each PSX or AR (only 2) board I ran a bus to each power district. So as long as my BD's do not cross the power district all should be OK. am I understanding? That would be a relief to me.

On Friday, October 8, 2021, 09:20:22 AM CDT, Ken Harstine <kharstin@...> wrote:

Your frogs and short circuit protection devices should be located in the wiring between your track detectors and you DCC track power.  In this way they do not see the supply current.  Not detecting on the frogs will not adversely effect your signals because the track section not detected is minuscule.

Ken Harstine

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