Block detection, Frog juicers and Circuit Breakers.

Perry A Pollino

I just read Allan's column in MRR sept. I am gald I did. What  blow to my plans. Now I have a cunundrum. I have laid all my track.
I am using DCC specialties PSX, PSX-AR and Frog -ARs. I also planned to use the Atlas signal system. I have actually purchased all the parts. I set up a test trac and and tested the system and liked it for what I need. But Now am reading I wont be able to use it as planned.
My test track did not have any of the above mentioned boards or devices. so I had no problems. In Allan's column he mentions how these boards will use current that willand cause block detection to be detected.
Did I understand that correctly?
So basically my plan to use block detection with the Atlas system has to be scrapped and I need to find another type of detection.
I can wire the Frod to the tortoise but I am not sure what to do about short curcuit protection?

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