BD20 and Reverse Loop

Tom Grassi

Hello All

I have a reverse Loop and I setup two blocks in the Loop for signaling 
All trains can run in either direction thru the loop with now problem.

Today on the two feeders I connected my NCE BD20's to my NCE AIU-01

I was trying to setup the turnout also with another pair of BD20's  So when I did that I put a cut in one of the rails and ran a feeder down thru the BD20 and connected to my DCC Track Bus Line.

When I put the cut in the rail I had to add an additional pair of feeders just pass the cut so that the rails would have current.
That all worked  until today.  When I connected the BD20 to the AIU-01 I lost power to the Loop only has 2.3 volts.

after some time I decided to remove the extra feeders from the equation   So now I only have two wires for each feeder to the BD20.
Still no power 

So I removed the BD20's from the AIU-01 and still had no power 

I then Added back the extra feeders to the terminal block that connects to the AR Device  A Dual Frog Juicer by Tam Valley

So the question I have is

How to you wire a reverse loop so I can have block detection/

Hope someone has a diagram  or suggestions

Thank you


Tom Grassi

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