Re: Spacing between NCE BD20 detectors

Bill Wilken

Before starting my project, I set up a small test bed to make certain that I understood how to wire BD20s together with Atlas universal signal boards.  The first thing it taught me was the importance of checking and double-checking wiring connections. Unfortunately, the test bed was too small to address factors such as distance, ballasting, drops, wiring twists, etc.

On 9/27/21 1:25 PM, thomasmclae via wrote:
Notice what Alan said, ALL power for the track in the block must go through the BD20.
I have three BD20 on the same module, about 3" apart on separate mainlines.
Two work like a charm, one is always triggered.
I checked the wiring, and the two working BD20 are on track with a single track drop (about 6').
The not working one is connected to track with multiple track drops.
I will be investigating how to have the feed through a single drop.

DeSoto, TX

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