Re: Do any track power boosters have a phase control input?



And yes, I realize you're not working with a Digitrax system, but the concept is the same.  However the booster 'learns' what phase of signal to generate, you'll have  to swap the signals.


On 2021-09-27 10:22, Blair wrote:


In the early days of DCC, I had problems with phasing on my Digitrax layout because I was sloppy with Telco vs Data cables.  Since the only way to 'rephase' a Digitrax booster is to swap the two Railsync signals in the Loconet cable, I'd suggest that an easy solution for you would be to use a 5V DPDT relay to swap the wires that 'inform' the booster as to phase.  Not quite a 'logic level' solution, but certainly 5V compatible.   The relay could be driven by whatever is powering the turnout, though that might argue for a 12V relay if you're using a Tortoise, for example.

Unfortunately, using a relay may introduce enough of a power dropout that sound locos will reset, but it's a start.


On 2021-09-27 9:20, Don Weigt wrote:
I've connected up new EasyDCC boosters with auto reversing to my layout. Previously, I used a toggle switch on the panel to control the phasing of the power in the reversing loop.

Auto reversing works reliably, but I've notice some of the metal wheels on old Athearn passenger cars can cause arc after arc as they roll across the gaps. It seems likely only shorts to one side of the booster output triggers auto reversing. I don't like the idea of having this arcing occur over and over. I don't want to use a power relay to switch the phase of the power for the reversing sections. I'd really like a way to control the output phase of the auto reverse boosters.

Does anyone make a booster with a low level, such as 5V logic level, input that controls it's output track power phase?
Don Weigt

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