Re: Spacing between NCE BD20 detectors

Bill Wilken


I'm connecting the BD20s to Atlas' universal signal control board via three wires, one logic, one common, one power.  the Atlas boards in turn have two other posts that use 5 volt power to light the Atlas signal itself.


On 9/27/21 9:52 AM, John Eldridge wrote:

Hi Bill, 
Have been following this topic of your “Spacing between NCE BD20 detectors” question, and have some questions that I have not seen
asked or answered. 
1. Are you using a NCE AIU to receive the signal from the BD20 to encode the Block Occupancy to your DCC system? If not, what is your interface?
2. If you are using AIU’s to read your BD20's, does the LED on the AIU for the BD20 in question NOT light, while LED’s for other BD20's do light? 
2. Based on your reply to Don Weigt, am I correct that you are using only Pin 2 “Logic +” terminal + Pin 1 “Ground” on the BD20 to your interface? 
Please advise, as I have been using BD20's connected with pins 2 & 1 only toAIU interfaces quite successfully for over a year.
John Eldridge

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