Re: Spacing between NCE BD20 detectors

Bill Wilken

I've been pretty scrupulous about having feeders attached to every section of track.  For my amusement this afternoon, I'll be taking a close look at every wire connection.  Unfortunately, I wasn't sufficiently prescient to build my layout 56" off the floor.  Thinking about kids, I opted for 48", which makes every venture beneath my track work decidedly unpleasant.  Indeed, "build your benchwork 56" high" ought to be the first commandment in any DCC how-to-do-it manual!

On 9/26/21 12:47 PM, wirefordcc via wrote:

I believe you said that your BD20 was not detecting a train in the block.  The pot is for desensitizing the BD20.  So that may not help you.

I did notice in the BD20 instructions where it says it may not work on long blocks.  But it referenced false detections due to couple capacitance and glue and ballast.

Is your long block fed every section or two of track to your bus wires.  Note:  One of your bus wires should be connected to a wire going through your BD20.  Make sure you don't have another connection (called the goober connection!) going to your booster that could be bypassing your BD20.

Those are the obvious things I can think of.


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