Peco Crossover


I rebuilt one of my single crossovers using peco unifrog turnouts.  The switch machine is a tortise and the controller is a digitrax ds 64.  After installing the cross over, I test ran several locos.  The cross over is a right hand cross over going from mainline 1 to mainline 2 of a double track mainline.  Locos run through the turnout on main 1 and also cross over from 1 to 2.  However I have a short on mainline 2 when trying to run straight through.  After working on the issue for some time, I found the frog matches polarity with the diverging route (cross over), but does not match polarity on the straight through run.  I have swap the leads to the tortise-pins 2& 3 but get the same results.  I am also using snaps as a wiring harness to the tortise.  Somewhere the frog is only matching polarity to the opposite rail on the straight through route.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should try to do to correct the issue?

Thanks in advance

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