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mike thurston <zekda99@...>

I've found the easiest way to insulate track is to use
those white plastic insulators you can buy from local
hobby stores. I use 3 pieces of store bought straight
track for each block minimum. 1st hooks up to flex
track on one end then the insulators (x2 required for
dcc) then on the end of the next i use store bought
terminal wires on both then the last one can easily
hook back up to flex track. the reason this is the
simplist is that there are no gaps left from cutting
track pieces. The worst place you can put insulators
is on curves if you are cutting track.

For DCC both rails have to be insulated and both have
to have their own power..just make sure you don't
cross the wires anywhere.. easiest way is to start
from one side of the rail and follow that rail all
around the layout and marking it by either putting a
pin on that side or even a bright colored mark....then
do the same with the other and you shouldn't have any

--- "Louis A. Angelucci" <>

I have read teh big red book on dcc and I am confused
about how to
actually wire a block on my N scael layout. I intend
to install a
dgitrax DCC system. How long is a block in terms of
track length? What
is typical?

Do you actually cut the track and install insulators?
do you cut both
tracks? In an existent layout how is a block
installed? How do you
intall the insulators? How do you prevent damage to
the track where
the installation is made?

I know this is probably basic information but it is
causing me anxiety
with my layout. Whenever I cut track that track
section is the cause
of derailment. This is my concern.

please let me know

thank you


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