Re: Wiring a Shinahora Double Crossover for DCC

Vollrath, Don <dvollrath@...>

Keep both main tracks at the same polarity. [i.e - Wire both North rails to be at the same polarity. Don't make a figure 8 loop crossing through the crossover.]
Throw all 4 turnouts to be in the same position to avoid momentary shorts at the frogs.
No track cuts or special wiring is required.

For further enhancement, add continuity jumpers around point rail swivels and add microswitches (or a latching relay) to your switch machines to help electrify the point rails in parallel with the Shinohara built in contacts at the rail points. Be sure that the microswitches 'click' with the throw bar near mid position.

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Subject: [WiringForDCC] Wiring a Shinahora Double Crossover for DCC

Can any one help here. I have several of this crossovers and
understand that they can be a problem with shorting on DCC if the
wiring is not corrected. Are there any artilces I can obtain or can
anyone point me in the right direction. I have looked at the double
slip but they seem to be differently laid out.

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