Reverse Loop Issue on my DCC Layout

Tom Grassi

Hello All,

I have added to my layout a Helix and upper level,   Still working on both of those.  But on my lower level to the helix is all new also.
For the original layout I have an oval  on the oval I added two new turnouts  one is for going to the Helix and the other is coming back from the helix.
They both connect to a Atlas code 83 WYE Turnout 560.  All my track is Atlas code 83.  After I added feeders to my helix and to the lower level all polarity was fine.  
Then I got to the WYE for the return leg and that was the opposite polarity  . Both turnouts and the WYE make like a triangle. So now I have a reversing Loop problem.

I purchased a NCE AR10  yes my layout runs all NCE equipment.  

I connected the feeders From Block 26 which is the return section of track and Block 28 which is the WYE 
As soo as the Engine front wheel hit the block 28 it trips the breaker and my entire Power Pro shuts down.
So I disconnected my track from the WYE back to the Helix and from the Main Layout so only Block 28 and Block 26 were active.   Still the same problem

did several tests I removed the NCE BD20's from the feeders made not difference.

I use a Black and Red feeder wire on my layout Red is the inside rail and the black in the outside which is the insulated rail for my block detection.

On the WYE all rails on all three side are insulated.  The section of track on Block 28 is insulated at the other end which is connected to a turnout on Block 9

Block 25 is the other side of the WYE also insulated at the other end which is connected to a turnout on Block 7

So all my track is insulated

So after speaking with NCE support today we came up with this test.  Install my Tortoise machine and power the frog which will set the correct polarity.

My question is on the Atlas WYE the FROG is metal and has to connectors one on each side of the frog.  
do I connect both side of the frog to the Tortoise?  
Does one side of the frog go to one relay on the tortoise  and the other side of the frog go to the other relay on the tortoise?

I read and see where the reverse loop has to be longer than you longest train.  Well this is like a straight away.  It is not a circle.

I can post my JMRI layout on the forum if you need to see what I am trying to do.

My upper layout has two reversing loops that I have not started yet so this exercise will be handy.

Any other ideas,

Thank you



Tom Grassi

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