Building a yard ladder -Slightly Off-Topic?


Assuming the diverging tracks from the ladder turnouts run parallel to each other, the amount of straight track between one turnout's frog & the subsequent turnout's point rails would depend on the distance between track centers.  In the US, back in the earlier days, maybe 40s-50s, the yard tracks were probably 13' on center, more modern yard design probably widens out the track center-to-center distance more than 13'.

Bob Hultman in Brentwood TN

On Sunday, August 8, 2021, 01:33:04 PM CDT, <alynmar@...> wrote:

When building a yard ladder is it acceptable to place your turnouts end to end or should there be some track in between the turnouts, if so what would the recommended track length be in OO scale?     Thank you for any suggestions.


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