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My problem is a bit more complicated.   I think I'll generate a picture and post it later, it will explain things better.  Essentially, if an area served by 3 or 4 PSX breakers must all be either normal or reversed, why would you do it incrementally with several PSX-AR units, particularly as they are electrically adjacent and therefore violate the "no AR sections adjacent" rule previously discussed many times?  I realize that rule may or may not apply to PSX-AR units, but it's still a good practice.


On 2021-08-08 8:54, wirefordcc wrote:
Hi Blair,

For people that have some form of electronic circuit breakers and need reversing, think about products like the PSX-AR that has both in one unit.  The obvious advantage is that they are designed to work together.  They are all solid state, too, so you don't have the relay switching problem.

Allan Gartner
Wiring for DCC

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