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The intermittent running on A locomotive a sign of dirty wheels. f it occurs on several locomotives in one area try cleaning the track and check wired connections and rail joints.


The voltage drop is an indication of a partial short. Check the locomotives for loose wiring that maybe contacting the opposite polarity. If this occurs with several locomotives there maybe a manufacturing flaw.


Check the wiring of the decoders, not just the motor wire. I had that problem in my lighting. The short caused the decoder to over heat and shut down. When it cooled, service was restored for a bit.





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That’s why many of us use “Keep alives” so that we can overcome bad conductivity i.e. “Dirty Track”


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Try cleaning the contacts (wheels)on your locos and the track.  Sounds like poor electric continuity.  Then check your feeder connections and rail connections if using those for electricity supply to track segments.  

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     What is the preferred or correct DCC voltage?

     I'm new to DCC. i started with the NCE Powercab and have recently upgraded to the SB5 booster. On the power supply for the booster there is a switch where you can select 12v or 13.6 volts. Because the power supply for the Powercab is listed as 13.6 volts output, I selected 13.6 for the SB5. I have 13.6 DCC volts on my track and the locomotives have been running fine. 

     KATO states on their locomotive boxes to not use more that 12 volts. Is 13.6 a danger? I would agree that using 20 volts or so could be damaging, but is 1.6 volts too much?

     The reason I'm asking is that recently several of my locomotives [ KATO, Bachman and BLI] have started to run intermittently. The BLI's actually pulled the voltage down to 10.6 volts. Two new KATO F3 units that I recently installed two NCE decoders in have started to act up. They run and stop and run again. 

     The reason for giving all of this information is it possible that the 13.6 volts has damaged the motors or circuit boards causing the abnormal operating?

     Thank you for any advice, comments, or suggestions. This is one of many questions that I have, but I have to start somewhere. There are no individuals or clubs in my area that I know of that can help me. Everything I have learned or done has been by manufacturers instruction, trial and error, or reliable persons on Utube.

    Thank you....



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