Re: 1156 Bulb Short Protection and Powercab


Hi Dave,

Using a 1156 bulb doesn't work with all systems.  As you probably know, the filament in the bulb needs to heat up for the bulb to limit current.  Some systems are faster than the bulb and the PowerCab is one of them.  I have also found that "chem fuses", which also do a similar thing, will not work with the PowerCab either.  I haven't tried the NCE CP6 bulbs with the PowerCab to see what would happen.  Let's see if anyone else has tried them.

Should no bulb work for you, the new NCE EB1 electronic circuit breaker has a lower initial current trip current than the old one and will work with the PowerCab.  Other electronic circuit breakers, if they have low current trip points, will also likely work.

Allan Gartner
Wiring for DCC

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