Re: Back-to-Back ARs?


Another (seldom mentioned) reason for not having a reversing sections with a lot of tracks (and therefore potentially a lot of locos) is, that an AR unit has its own maximum current, which is usually considerably lower than the command station's. A large number of locos with lights and sounds on is going to make a dent in the capacity.


On Mon, 7 Jun 2021 at 15:50, Tim <tarumph@...> wrote:
You don't need to make the whole yard a reverse section. Put double gaps on all three tracks leading into the 3-way switch at the center. The reversing section would be the three way switch and the two tracks to the right of it, including the turnout. The track from the three way switch to the turntable is wired to one of the tracks on either side of it. It doesn't matter which one. Now you can safely put the second AR on the turntable.

I would use a relay connected to the switch machine on the three way switch rather than an AR to control the polarity on the three tracks to the right, but I'm allergic to ARs. :) Reconfiguring the turntable to eliminate the AR sounds like it would be a little more work.

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC

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