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It gets tricky to answer this with confidence without a sketch to refer to; in addition, I'm working from my phone and don't have my groups login, so even if you post a sketch, i won't be viewing it or responding until tonight at the earliest.  Sorry!

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I thought I had taken your advice about the taking into account the lengths of the loop sections, but as I considered your second message, another issue arose.  

Does it matter that I have turn-outs in my AR-wired segments?  Because the turn-outs, and the sidings to which they are connected, are all wired to the same AR circuit, or are electrically insulated from any adjacent non-switching segment, I assume the required minimum length of the AR-wired segment can include the turn outs and track segments in between.  

Is that right?

Bill D
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On May 23, 2021, at 7:29 AM, Blair <smithbr@...> wrote:

When incorporating sections of your loop, you must also ensure that those sections are longer than your longest train.  Otherwise the problem just moves.
Think you may have done so, but just clarifying.

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