Re: Short in new turnout ?

Bill Wilken

I had this problem a couple years ago with a new Atlas turnout.  Everything that could be viewed was in spec.  The problem had to be caused by some part that was embedded in the turnout’s plastic.

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If I am sending this to you twice please forgive.  I attempted to send but could not tell if it went though
Thank you for your reply.
You are correct there are wipers at the end of the points that indeed do make contact with the stock rails. I can also tell that the wipers do not contact both stock rails at the same time. There is a visable gap between the wipers and the stock rails when the points are thrown as they are supposed to be. Also I can tell that there are copper connectors between the switch-point rails and the closure rails which leads me to believe the turnout was designed so power to the switch-point rails, the closure rails and the frog is supposed to be controlled by the switch-point wipers. As mentioned it appears that the point wipers are functioning as they should. However, it also appears that the switch-point rails, the closure rails and the frog (all of the turnout except the right stock rail) are permanently connected to the left stock rail through some means other than the point wipers. I can't imagine what that would be.

I wonder if there is some wiring diagram for the turnout. If there could be some fix like cutting a gap in one or both of the closure-rails.?

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