Re: Athearn Genesis GP40-2

Craig Zeni

Some recent Athearn production were made with 20,000 ohm resistors on their lighting board instead of 2,000 ohm.  Makes for very dim lights. Athearn is replacing the boards, or buy a Decoder Buddy board yourself.

Craig Zeni
Cary, NC
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On Tue, May 11, 2021, 08:45 <samuelrobinson388@...> wrote:
Good morning, I recently purchased a Athearn Genesis GP40-2 non dcc/sound. It is the newest version and came with a 21p connector. I picked up a Soundtraxx Tsunami2 sound decoder and installed it along with a speaker. It still has the board it came with. The only thing I changed was where the black wires running from the front and rear ditch lights went to functions on the board. The issue I'm having is the front and rear headlights aswell as front and rear ditch lights are very very dim. This model came equipped with LED's and there are no resistors on the lights. I've tried programming the decoder for "LED compensation" and that didnt work. Anyone have any ideas what would cause them to be so dim and how I can fix it?

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