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You'll have to post the picture to the photos area here.  I saw your post on the Digitrax list.  You have two options:

1) The stretch from the crossover to the small 'y' could be fed via an autoreverser

2) The tail of the 'y' could be either fed via an autoreverser, or fed based on the position of the turnout (i.e. feed it from either leg, depending on the position of the turnout; that will require, likely, a relay or other electrical artifice).

I can't tell you which is more appropriate, as I assume your diagram is part of a larger layout.  If the tail of the 'y' in fact connects elsewhere, then the electrical 'state of affairs' may be more complicated.


On 2021-05-02 9:10, David Penty wrote:

Hello all

I’m new to the forum and still reading my way through Allan Gartner’s Wiring for DCC documents – excellent material.  However, I’m looking for some specific guidance


At the end of my mainline, I’ve re-laid track.  In the attached diagram, the turntable was pre-existing, but all turnouts and crossover are new.  I’m not certain if an auto reverser is needed and if so, where it would be located.  Can someone give me an idea of track wiring for the layout.    Peco suggest, on the package, that insulating all ends of the crossover shouldn’t be needed but then provide an example of how to insulate the crossover on all sides. 

I’m running Digitrax, Code 100 HO with Peco turnouts.


Incidentally, I got some gravel stuck in the Atlas turntable;  when I lifted the platter off, 2 pins with springs fell out.   There appears to be no way to replace the pins/springs when you invert the platter to install it.  Anyone run into this issue?

Thanks in advance for your assistance



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