Re: AR Vs Tortoise to power frog

Tom O'Hara

Hi Jim,

Maybe I am misunderstanding what you said. If the Tortoise and AR work without keep-alive devices, they'll work with. The energy storage works for the engine but doesn't have any effect on the polarity of what the engine "sees". That comes strictly from the track, which is handled by the KA device or Tortoise. I've had KAs since they came out and never had any problems with my reversing circuits.


On Sat, May 1, 2021 at 6:45 AM Jim Betz <jimbetz@...> wrote:
  Your methods are like mine.  I make the turnout for a return loop in
the same electrical block as the approach.  I suspect, since I'm 
using Tortoises, that having the PSX-AR throw the turnout would
not be 'fast enough to matter' ... most of my locos have keep alives
in them and so I pretty much have to make sure the turnout is
properly aligned before I start into it.  Probably the only important
drawback to a keep alive ... but I'm willing to deal with that simply
because the advantages out weigh it.  Plus my philosophy is
"if you are running turnouts - you're not paying attention".  *G*
                                                                                                     - Jim
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