Cross over stalling

Perry A Pollino

I have have  a cross over using Peco electro frog turnouts in N scale. I am running DCC. I have DCC specialties Frog AR controlling power to all my frogs. I use Tortoise switch machines for movement of the points. I am not using Tortoise contacts to power the track in any way.
Yesterday for the first time I tried to run a loco through this cross over. It stalled in the same place in either direction. My RRamp meter shows I have voltage in all portions of the crossover. Even the points. Yet I stall every time.
I have another crossover  on my main line I also have occasional issues with. usually a cleaning will help that one. So I am perplexed.
The only different is the control of each of these. The crossover on the main line both points move with one switch. The other has a switch for each point. 
So I have some questions to help me trouble shoot. I have test leads plugged into my RRamp meter. But it occured to me  I may still be putting enough pleasure on the points to get a good read, yet the locomotive is not creating the pressure. I did try putting pleasure on the loco where it stalled with no success.

I am now regretting not putting jumper wires to all my point rails before mounting them.
I am not about to pull up over 60 turnouts to do this.
So here are my questions:
Has anybody used cunductalube to improve turnout point conductivity at the hinge portion with success? 
Someone I meet at a train show some time ago suggested putting Solder at the hinge as well or small jumper wire. That seems very tricky. However if anyone has experience with this, or other suggestions for improving point conductivity on turnouts that are in place I am  open to suggestions.
Thanks Perry 

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