Re: It shouldn't be doing this.

John White

And so here we go again. Like I said, I put everything back to DC and what a real nice running engine this thing is. So dismantled DC and put back to DCC. It started out nice for about 16 feet and then the dirty little @#$%^&* just quit. And believe me everything works as it should, except when it is converted to DCC. The only thing left that I haven't totally ignored, is the trucks. So, I will change them out for a different set and see what the outcome is from there. If it does the same thing again I will sell it with the added note, DO NOT CONVERT TO DCC BECAUSE IT DON"T LIKE it! I have done everything that has been suggested and more. I've never had this much trouble with any conversion I've done, including the Athearn Blue Box engines, as that is exactly what this is. The same frame, trucks, drive shaft and motor with the tape in the bottom, which someone before me got rid of all the attachments that came from the manufacture and hard wired it with the wire from the tabs on the trucks to the top of the motor and the bottom brush holder appears to have been changed for one like on top to a screw on the weight for that to complete the circuit. IT RUS GREAT! in DC configuration, but not DCC. I hang my head in disappointment. :-(

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