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You've hijacked the thread, this is no longer about MERG Cbus.  It's good form to raise your own new topic instead (by hijacking, you've ensured that those who aren't interested in MERG won't see your posting, as it's filed under "MERG Cbus")).  However, the damage is done, so we'll continue, unless the moderator straightens us out.

Here's another table that will help you with wire gauge to dimensions:

Here's a page on a site by Mark Gurries, an EE with significant DCC experience, with a lot of info about bus and DCC wiring; it's complementary to the wiring4DCC website, but gets at the underlying reasons a bit differently.

You haven't told us how large your layout is or what it's topography is (4x8 oval, basement filling "E" or "W", double deck, multiple yards, etc.); these things have huge effects on the lengths of run and likely current consumption, so it's very hard to tell you if your wiring choices are appropriate or not.  It's likely your layout is on the smaller side, and your choices are therefore okay, but I'm guessing at that.


On 2021-04-15 4:50, George Hewitt via wrote:

The dimensions all relate to the wire size as that carries the current.  


George (another Aussie)

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