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Hi Nick,

With an NCE system, it's quite likely you may also want to think about a Cab Bus. That's where things like extra wired cabs go, but also, if you want them, mini panels and AIUs (feedback units). Best to investigate those things now rather than too late for comfort.


On Thu, 15 Apr 2021 at 09:10, Nick Monksfield <nick.monksfield@...> wrote:
Thanks Ken.
I am definitely going to join MERG to reap the benefits.
As I am nearing wiring on my layout I think I need 3 bus lines, one for DCC, a 12 volt one for accessories and one for the Cbus. Is this correct? I'm assuming that the 12 volt line will power the Cbus modules and their outputs (for example the point motors)?
Also I have been looking into what wire/cable I can buy here in Australia, and they don't seem to rely on AWG like the US, most of the wires I can see are graded on either cross-section, Amperage or area, and I'm not sure if these measurements include or exclude the insulation. I am a bit confused as to what I should get. I am thinking that I need 14 or 16AWG for the DCC bus with 22AWG feeders but can't seem to work out the equivalent here in Oz. I also have no idea what to get for the other bus runs (12 volt and Cbus).
Does anyone have any knowledge of where I can get the appropriate wire/cable and what I need here in Oz? I have looked at Bunnings and at Jaycar but have just confused myself.

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