Re: It shouldn't be doing this.



If I were you, I'd add one intermediate testing stage between weighted/DC and non-weighted/DCC, as that changes two big variables at one time. I'd do non-weighted/DC in between to cut one of those out.


On Wed, 14 Apr 2021 at 14:32, John White <jtw37@...> wrote:
Well guys, I have read everything that you have given me and most of it, I have tried and will keep trying. Those of you who have the Proto 2000 locomotives know about the heavy weight in them, know how much room there isn't to run wires. So my next step is to totally remove it from the equation and wire it again and see what the results will be. But first I'm going to wire it totally for DC, which I didn't have that problem with and see how it acts and that will be with the weight in place. If it works fine like it did originally I will wire it for DCC without the weight and see what the outcome will be. Never have I ever had this issue with any locomotive, be it Proto, Athearn, Atlas, AHM, Bachmann, Mehano, Model Power or Kato. Even the old clunky pancake motors that I experimented with just for fun. I've been in the hobby since 1974 off & on, so I'm just a bit frustrated about it. And then I have six acres to tend to, with trees down this past winter and attempting to get rid of things not needed anymore. So right now my Model Railroad time, unfortunately is a bit limited, but I will continue with this post till I either solve the problem or solve the problem, because I'm not letting it win.
Thanks for all your input as it keeps me focused on the issue at hand. Until next post.

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