Re: MERG Cbus

Ken Bates

Yes, it does do what you think it does.


It uses 2 wires for the BUS and 2 wires (12v) to power the modules, in most cases.


I am using it, and very pleased with it as well.


If you join MERG you find a wealth of info and help, with a forum where any problems are discussed.




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Sent: 14 April 2021 06:49
Subject: [w4dccqa] MERG Cbus


Hi all,

I am in the process of building my first HO scale layout. I have all the benchwork sorted and am currently in the process of laying cork roadbed to my design. I have an NCE Powercab DCC system for the control of locos. I am nearly ready to start my wiring.

I am constantly reading things (researching) from the web and came across a site called MERG. I am quite interested in using a system they have developed for controlling my point motors, signals and even street and building lighting. It is called Cbus and as far as I can tell works in a similar way to DCC in that it has a bus wire that transmits commands to the accessories from a central control (in my case I am planning on using a computer to control this).

My question is - Does anybody here use this system, or know anything about it, and is it what I think it is?



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