Short Circuit on One of my Districts

Tom Grassi

Hello All,


When I installed my  NCE EB1’s I tested my trains all when well.


Today is the first day of running my trains after I changed all my Tortoise machines to use .037 wire.   No electrical change was made


Train 1 runs fine.   District 1


Train 2 is my problem  District 2


Train 3  District 3 ran fine had to trim the .037 wire on one switch for the engine to drive over the switch.


Now for Train 2  when it hits a section of track the EB1 trips.  I lose power.


So I reset the EB1 moved the train past the area and it ran fine.


So I backed up the train and it tripped in another spot.


That was right at where I have feeder connected to the buss for this district.


Powered of the DCC system and removed the feeders from the buss.


I then started Train 2 again and now it moved thru that spot but trips and the same spot as it did the first time.



The spot in question is an Atlas switch.   This is part of a double cross over with 4 Atlas switches.


Remember I said above the Train 3 worked fine well that train goes thru the same double cross over as train 2 does passes over two of the 4 atlas switches.


Now 2 of the 4 atlas switches have insulators on both rails. The plastic yellow ones.  Easier to see


Both Train2 and Train 3 ran over this double cross over with no issue prior to the EB1 setup which requires insulation.



So possible two problems here.


1.       How can a feeder go bad?  Same size wire used on all my feeders  Buss wire is new this year.


2.       Train 2 trips circuit at a switch but goes over several over switches of the same make and model.  All Atlas   which happen to be plastic frogs.   And Train 2 has 6 wheels per truck.     I heard that smaller engines have issues on DCC  systems with switches that have plastic frogs.



When I put my volt meter on the section of track it read the same level of volts thru out the section




Any ideas or suggestions.



Thank you







Tom Grassi

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