Re: Walthers switch 942-101 and NCE PowerPro

David Klemm

You don’t need one way. At the NMMRC we have 3 ways to control a turnout and they all report in JMRI. We use a panel, a throttle (including phone) or a JMRI panel. 

As others have stated you need a device at the turnout to tell the DCC system what is the state. We use Tam Valley products and there are others. 

BTW, during open houses we disable the panels. All those green and red lights attract little fingers that push them to see what happens. That results in ‘crashes’ on the layout. 

David Klemm
12 PRO

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John thank you for the input.  I have been using JMRI also and that has been an issue for me too. If a switch has been thrown from fascia since the last JMRI switch command I don't have an accurate panel view of the route. I feel like I need to choose one method exclusively for switch control, only fascia, only DCC cab, or only JMRI to reduce my chances of putting a train where I didn't intend for it to go. Maybe using the other indication options to a central local control panel would be way to go also.

Open to other options, switch types, or general suggestions.

Thanks everyone,

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