Re: Walthers switch 942-101 and NCE PowerPro

Al Silverstein

I am not sure that this thread is a proper topic for this forum but your problem is not unique.
By NMRA Standards all decoders must be able to receive their commands from the rails.
The transmission of decoder commands is a broadcast scenario, in short it is a one way communication initiated by the command station and received by the decoder.
There are other DCC command systems that have additional means of sending commands to decoders in addition to the broadcasting of switch command via the rails.
The NCE system can keep track of switch command sent to a switch machine by a throttle or other layout control device that can cause a switch command to be sent from the command station via the rails to a DCC turnout controller. 
When you send a switch command via a NCE throttle to a 942-101 device you are sending that command via the rails. The NCE system knows that the switch command was sent and can keep track of that command. The JMRI system knows that the switch command was sent and keep track of that command. Neither device can detect when a local push button is pressed because the 942-101 does not have a circuit that can provide feed back to either the NCE Power Pro or the JMRI.
What is needed for the passing of switch control information to received by the NCE Power Pro or the JMRI from a 942-101 device is a connect to a feedback circuit that sends local switch command activity back to the NCE Power Pro system and the JMRI. 
Not being a NCE user to control my layout I can only suggest that you ask the question on a NCE forum how you can obtain the necessary feedback from a 942-101 so that your NCE Power Pro can display the correct orientation of the turnout that is being controlled by a 942-101. 
Al Silverstein

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Subject: Re: [w4dccqa] Walthers switch 942-101 and NCE PowerPro
John thank you for the input.  I have been using JMRI also and that has been an issue for me too. If a switch has been thrown from fascia since the last JMRI switch command I don't have an accurate panel view of the route. I feel like I need to choose one method exclusively for switch control, only fascia, only DCC cab, or only JMRI to reduce my chances of putting a train where I didn't intend for it to go. Maybe using the other indication options to a central local control panel would be way to go also.

Open to other options, switch types, or general suggestions.

Thanks everyone,

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