Re: DCC Specialties PSX-AR

Aaron Splawn


I just dealt with something similar installing an AR on my Sn3 layout.  First I tried a Tam Valley Dual Frog Juicer, and then I bought the PSX-AR.  Both of them malfunctioned by causing a complete short when crossing into the isolated reversing area.  After losing a bunch of sleep and pulling out all my hair, I discovered one of the wye frogs was wired incorrectly.  Once I corrected this it worked perfectly with a single loco.  So good that I tried the Frog Juicer again and it also worked perfectly with a single loco.  However, once I started running trains (anything more than 4 cars) it suddenly started doing exactly what you're describing as the train spanned the isolated reversing portion of the wye.  I've discovered the isolated reversing gaps are too close together and when any additional cars are outside the isolated area it shorts momentarily until the last cars passes the gap on the other side.  All of my cars have metal wheels and I only run small trains, however, I'd like to run a little bit more than a 4 car train.  This led to the question I posted to the group last night about how close the isolation gaps can be moved towards the turnouts without causing a different problem when a loco or cars are running over the reversing gaps and turnout frogs at the same time. 

Hopefully this helps narrow down your problem.  I know exactly how frustrated you feel...!

Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca. )

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