Wye Track Reverser

Aaron Splawn

Greetings all!  

How close can reversing gaps be to the turnout frogs without causing a malfunction?  I'm building a small Sn3 layout and just added a wye.  I used a Tam Valley Dual Frog Juicer as an auto reverser and it seems to be working great; however, I've now discovered my gaps in the reversing track section are too close together to accommodate anymore than a three car train.  I can move the gaps further apart, but I'm afraid they will be too close to the turnouts and will cause confusion when the loco rolls over the frog, and then the isolation gap shortly after.  The turnouts are Fast Track and the frogs are controlled by a Tam Valley Hex Juicer.   Any answers and ideas would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca.)   

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