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Andrew Wood

Beating bad/warped wheel to wiper contact or a weird bit of junk in there. 
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On 8 Apr 2021, at 19:20, John White <jtw37@...> wrote:

I have to apologize cause this is a bit long, but here goes.

So, here is my multi attempt frustration. I just recently purchased a used Proto 2000 GP30 DC locomotive. Nothing wrong with it running. It ran fine. With me converting to DCC a few years ago, I was definitely converting this one. I'm not a newby to converting DC over to DCC. I've got roughly 100 conversions (give or take) to my credit. So it's not like I don't know how to do this. So I converted it and the problems started. I've used Digitrax and NCE basic decoders, so I think that eliminates decoder problems. I soldered the red and black wires to the trucks, as I've done many times before for good contact. The gray to the bottom connection of the motor and the orange to the top. Everything wired like I've done many, many times with no issues. No wires pinched or anything to make it have a problem down the road. I did have to replace two axle gears making sure no contact between the axles. With all that said, here is what I've been dealing with for the last month. Yea, I said month. Mostly to get away from it and the frustration and dive back in.


So here is what I'm dealing with. When I run it on my layout from right to left, it wants to stop or at least pause in or out of the curves, but not always. But that is only once in awhile, cause most of the tie it will stop. So, I just touch it as in nugging it very very lightly. I don't hardly even touch it and it resumes running until the next spot it decides to do it again. It did do this four or five times in one complete run. I kept messing, trying to figure it out and with each try, it did get better to the point of only hesitating two or three times but keeps going. I filed, lightly, the frame so the trucks didn't touch the inside of the opening for the trucks. I also added tape on the same area, but it don't seem to have helped. I made some of the changes to the frame tonight with minor improvements. I also put another exact type of drive powered locomotive and it runs very well, with no issues. So I am totally lost as to what could be causing this problem. I'm not stupid, but this one makes me feel that way and I know better. I just can't figure it out. Also, my track is fine as nothing else does this.


Think this one over and see if you can help me solve this problem, that shouldn't be this complicated.

Thanks for reading,


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