Re: Walthers switch 942-101 and NCE PowerPro

John Bauchiero


I don’t have a pro cab only a power cab but from my experience with NCE the cab controller only sends commands to the Walters machine. There isn’t any confirmation response to the cab, the cab only remembers the last thing it sent. I believe engine driver through JMRI will receive a response, though I am not 100% sure. 

The machines have multiple feedback options to drive other sets of facia LEDs near your second position or daisy chain the facia controller to a second controller.

John Bauchiero 

On Apr 5, 2021, at 2:28 PM, ryan_henry@... wrote:

I am using Walthers switch machine's 942-101 with fascia control and DCC. From the Procab-R of my NCE PowerPro system i have no trouble throwing the switches either direction. The switches also operate correctly from the fascia control. My problem/question is if I operate the switch reverse from the cab the (now=) position updates correctly (now=rev) if I was the operate the switch back to the normal position from the fascia the cab position still indicates (now=rev). There isn't a real-time status position update on the cab. Is there the ability to have the real-time switch position update on the cab? If I'm out of sight from the fascia control and indication, I would like to know which route on the turnout my train will take by looking and the procab even if has been operated by fascia since the last procab command.

I hope that makes sense.....

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