Walthers switch 942-101 and NCE PowerPro


I am using Walthers switch machine's 942-101 with fascia control and DCC. From the Procab-R of my NCE PowerPro system i have no trouble throwing the switches either direction. The switches also operate correctly from the fascia control. My problem/question is if I operate the switch reverse from the cab the (now=) position updates correctly (now=rev) if I was the operate the switch back to the normal position from the fascia the cab position still indicates (now=rev). There isn't a real-time status position update on the cab. Is there the ability to have the real-time switch position update on the cab? If I'm out of sight from the fascia control and indication, I would like to know which route on the turnout my train will take by looking and the procab even if has been operated by fascia since the last procab command.

I hope that makes sense.....

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