Re: Method - was Re: NCE DCC EB1 Circuit Breakers

Jim Zarnick

I have 6 EB1s on my layout with many sound locos and a  lighted passenger train,.  No issues…


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Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2021 12:16 PM
Subject: [w4dccqa] Method - was Re: NCE DCC EB1 Circuit Breakers



  There is one approach to wiring that works - and all the rest don't
work as well.  It goes like this:

  What you wire today - you test today (or first thing tomorrow morning).

  Seems simple enough - but the important part of it is that you end up
with an "ever growing - Working - railroad".
  Although testing with a meter can work the best method is to actually
run a train (loco) over the newly wired track that you just wired.  For
example testing with a meter probably would have shown your EB1
to be "OK" but running a loco across that joint would have shown
the flipped wires right away.  Yes, there are ways to test with a meter
that find everything ... but my experience is that running a loco is
quicker and more positive.  Plus you get to run trains!

  One of the worst practices is to wire for days, weeks, or months ... and
then test.

  Sometimes scenery work can cause a short.  Usually only temporary
but not always.  Scenery is often far after the track wiring.
                                                                                                      - Jim

P.S. My experience is that the EB1 breakers are fine (work well) ... until
       you start to use sound locos or lighted passenger trains.  I use
       only the PSX breakers for this reason.

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