Re: Switch 8 MK2 and Button Board

Tom Grassi


thanks for the reply.

Yes I know about the extra terminals on the newer version of the Switch 8 MK2

I have had 3 Switch 8 MK2 already and not one of them worked with the button board.  As I said in my first posting the old style switch 8 mk2 works great with button board.

I have been working with Larry the DCCguy  and he has his switch 8 mk2 working fine with just using DC power  but he did say he received a bad batch of Switch 8 MK2 that did not not work.

I am sending my Switch 8 MK2 and Button Board to NCE with the wire I used and button see if they can get it to work.

I have one more Switch 8 MK2 I will place on the layout to be able to switch the tortoise motors using my power cab.   I have the NCE USB board on order so I can connect with my Laptop soon.

I like to push buttons they are nearby and makes it easier than going thru the levels on the power cab I know once the assy is select I can double click on it to toggle the switch.  but when you have many switches the panel board is easier
With that said I need the Switch 8 MK2 new version to work with the ButtonBoard


Tom Grassi

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