Switch 8 MK2 and Button Board

Tom Grassi

Hello All,

Been having a problem setting up an NCE Switch 8 MK2 using a Button Board.

I have two SWITCH 8 MK2  both have a button board connected.  One works great push the button the track switches use the power cab and the track switches.  That Switch 8 MK2 happens to be an older version than my second one.
Both were purchased with the last six months.  The new version has an additional terminal with three screws for a relay board .  My original Switch 8 MK2 does not have this. NCE support claims that there is no software difference between the two I found that hard to believe since there is a physical difference in the board.

Both boards are wired the same and are connected to the same buss line 

I have 4 buss lines on my layout each are a district which I use NCE EB1 

Switches are controlled by Tortoise machines are and located in all 4 districts.

I watched several videos on how to hook this up and they all have different ways.  

I am using DCC only on them and not sure why the one works and the other does not work.

Any one out there have any suggestions.

Thank you


Tom Grassi

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