NCE DCC EB1 Circuit Breakers

Tom Grassi

Hello All 
New to this Group 
Hope all are safe and well.

I have a small layout and runs 3 trains at the same time.  Have 14 switches
Use Atlas code 83 track on my layout.
I use NCE Power Cab to control my trains.
sometimes a train would derail at a switch and that would short circuit my entire layout. 
So I decided to setup Districts on my layout I have three districts now and forth one in planned.

My layout was all tied together by switches as cross overs.  also have a double cross over on district 2 and 3  

So I had to isolate the track on district 1 from district 2 and 3   in doing that I ran into a few minor issues.  On District 1 I found I now had a dead section of track which worked fine before I isolated the track.
After many trouble shooting step I found I had a bad feeder wire on a piece of track before the dead section.  I think it was shorting in out somehow.  Replacing the wires will be done soon currently I disconnected them from my buss.

My buss is a 14 AWG stranded pair of speaker wire  

Now with the three districts I have three separate buss lines 

My problem now is on District 2 on a section of the track it short circuits and the train stops 

I have feeders before the section and after the section it is a dead spot not sure what to check

I tried to put my layout here but it would not let me.

Any one have any ideas what to check





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