Re: Remote control of boosters, etc.

Robin Becker


Sounds like a nice project. I've been using cheap ebay TC12000 12v delay relay boards, with In+ connected to Loconet Pin 1 and In- connected to Loconet Pin 2. The boards have a built-in diode on the input so I just add a 10 uF filter cap after the diode to create DC power for the circuit. Downside is that the board draws about 35 mA Railsync when the relay is energized.


Robin Becker
San Diego, CA

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I've built a small detector circuit which detects Railsync on the Loconet cable and, after a programmable delay, energises a relay. That relay turns on my booster at the far end of the basement. A second such circuit enables my collection of UR91/92 and LNWI wireless interfaces mounted at ceiling level in my train room. So, now nothing powers up until my DCS240 is up and "alive". So far this is working quite well. Why did I do this? I disliked having various items scattered around the room that were powered even when I had no intention of running trains.



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