Re: Combining Multiple Power Bus Wires


If you intend to use a lot of locomotives with sound, you'll want to use PSX circuit breakers as they're solid state; I have four PM42 boards in operation, and I have to limit the number of locos in the staging yards, or isolate the locomotives, as on power up the PM42 sections detect the sound locomotives as short circuits, and they start cycle-tripping.  Since these are temporary staging yards, I'm just living with this for now(I just slide a slice of paper under the wheels of some of the locos), but ultimately I'll have to do something to permanently reduce the power-on transient, or replace the PM42 units.


On 2021-03-13 13:13, JoAnn Donaldson via wrote:
I agree with the PM42. My layout is split into 4 zones. Each zone is powered by a different output. One other thing that no one has mention and that is you need to have isolated rail joiners between zones. No matter if you use a circuit breaker of a PM42, you can not connect the zones directly to each other.

JoAnn Donaldson

On Saturday, March 13, 2021, 9:44:21 AM CST, Daniel via <danielnapoli@...> wrote:

Digitrax PM42 may be used as circuit brakers? 
Thank to all by all the help!
Daniel from Argentina 

El 13 mar. 2021, a la(s) 12:03, Wil Davis <wdavis5069@...> escribió:

I agree with the circuit breakers.  The ones I use automatically separate the buses as wires from the booster are daisy chained to the circuit breakers and each breaker has its own output to the bus.

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