Traditional Long Reversing Sections modified to Very Short Reverser Tracks

Brian Eiland

Traditional Long Reversing Sections modified to Very Short Reverser Tracks


I've been working on an idea to modify my layout plan from 2 long traditional reversing sections, to 2 short reversing tracks. Basically I'm trying to exchange the idea of providing reversing sections for the entire length trains to very short sections for just the locomotives. I need the reverser(s) to change the polarity of the group of tracks on the left hand side of my layout with the group of tracks on the right side, bring them into compatibility.

I'm in a learning process doing this exercise since my electrical knowledge is limited. It's pretty well documented over on this forum discussion with text and drawings,...


What I am proposing is that ALL of the tracks on the right hand shelf of my layout (including the 2 viaduct mainlines and both sidings G to D, and F to E, would be wired with their positive rail closest to the wall. Both of those sidings would end up making an approx 180 degree turn to enter the peninsula trackage. Then all of the peninsula trackage would be wired accordingly with their positive rails to the left, and negative rails to the right. Neither of those siding would be reverse sections. All of this track on the right hand shelf and the peninsula area would be polarity compatible. It would be a big zone/power district unto itself, protected by a single PSX unit.

Likewise all trackage on the left hand side/shelf of the layout would be its own power district, protected by its own PSX unit.

These 2 power district would 'communicate' at several different points. At the very top where a single viaduct track joins the 2 districts, and at the bottom where the mainlines cross a bridge across the entranceway. At both of these locations they insulated from one another and they are polarity compatible, as is asked for across joined power districts.

It is in the middle where we need a polarity reverser to effect the joining of these 2 big districts. It is that area where I have suggested the track reverser(s), either one for both tracks or 2 if necessary.

And these reverser sections might only need to be long enough to reverse the locomotives themselves,

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