Re: DCC and DC


I am very keen to learn more re DC + DCC wiring.  Read all the 'don't do it' articles.  Glad to find someone who has done it and had no problems.  Wonderful!

I simply have too many DC engines which are not suitable for conversion and I don't want to part with them.  Thought about tracks of DC only and DCC only.  But with about 100+ engines, I'd like flexibility of using any track for either.
The double pole, double throw switches way seemed too risky. Tried to find what you have and could not.  Instead, I've decided to wire each of my my circuits / tracks to a 25 pin socket.  Then two different plugs - one for the DC system and one for the DCC system.  Only wiring and no systems nor track power dependent accessories between track and socket. 

I did find a way of wiring the sockets and plugs so that a section of isolated / neutral track between paired points / turnouts would not have power unless the plugs matched. 

A DC/DCC detector was always first preference.  I've now got the notes and diagram for the DC/DCC detector.  Many thanks. 
Admittedly there is still the human factor - matching engine to system.  But the effort of changing plugs should reduce the risk far lower than simply / accidentally flicking a switch.
  1. I have a Viessmann Commander.  They have advised that this unit "provides a fully digital rectangular voltage to the track.  It is not the same as in the past with modulated systems."  Will this be compatible?
  2. The Viessmann includes the ability to block / occupation detect and program auto runs.  Will occupation detection be affected by OR affect the DC / DCC detector?
  3. The Viessmann 5280 turnout decoders include isolated / individual common / green wires for each turnout.  For many reasons, I'd like to keep that feature.  Can the DC / DCC detector be adapted to keep them isolated?  ie two tracks compared with eg four common turnouts with isolated common / green wires.

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